Sennheiser Hd 650

i just received my HD 650 and plugged it in, god ! if i knew there was such a difference with my old but trusted HD 497 i would have switched a long time ago ! (yeh yeh i actually buyed it without listening at first :), i’ve been reading so many rave review about this headphone).

i hear so much more sounds, things i wasn’t able to hear before that with my old headphone… you’re not listening to music, you’re IN the music…

waaoooooh, as you probably have guess by now, i’m happy

and, as you probably have already noticed, you were off topic :P


Totally agree. I got one of those too. And you always find them somewhere in most studios today. If you are lucky to actually A/B compare these headphones against other so called ‘top quality’ headphones, the HD 650 always seems to have that little extra detail in the sound.
Highly recommended.

Only 600$ in Denmark :rolleyes:
I think my HD 570 just prolonged its lifespan… hehe

i’m actually rediscovering all my music collection :)

and i’m rediscovering the inadequacy of my earnings, each time i read about those HD 650 … :lol: :) ;) <_<

consider it a long time investement ;).

headphones are definitely a long time investment - my present headphones (which i won’t name so that you wouldn’t laugh) are 8 yrs old now and i’ve just glued them again as it’s a long time before i’ll be able to get those hd 650 :(

hey, this is interesting:

5.1ch headphones.