Sennheiser HD598 + Claro Halo XT

Hi, I normally come on here and ask people for product advise. This time, however I am doing sort of a PSA. Just to let you guys know about some awesome products I found (don’t worry I’m not an ad bot, I’m HUMAN otherwise I couldn’t have logged in!)

Anyways, it’s the Sennheiser HD598 and the Claro Halo XT sound card. These products are AMAZING. Pricey, but really really awesome. They cost roughly $250 a piece but you can find them cheaper sometimes. I replaced my old Yamaha on-ear headphones because the cord was giving out after about 2.5 years of heavy use, also they had a little bit of damage on them in other places. Moving from the $99 Yamaha to the $250 Sennheiser was a tremendous upgrade and I now feel like I’ve uncastrated my own ears or like my hearing has entered puberty for the first time!

Same thing goes for the Claro Halo XT which has a built in hi-fi headphone amp! They are a huge improvement over the Realtek onboard audio I had been using for the past 5 years as you can imagine! I never thought a soundcard would make such a difference! As silly as that sounds.

Anyway, you need to know that the Sennheiser HD598 qualify as open airs so if there are people around you they will hear whatever you are listening to unlike with some headphones. Also, they are over-ear, not on ear, and the ear covers actually have a car apolstery like fabric on them! So they are extreeeeeeeemely comfortable. Just don’t sweat too much or you will get them dirty! I mentioned before that my Yamahas had a damaged chord. Well the good thing about these Sennheisers is that you can easily replace the chord just by screwing/unscrewing it! Nice!

Anyways, I hope this can be helpful to anyone out there who is considering upgrading their sound cards and/or headphones. These awesome products have helped me to hear things in my Renoise compositions in a way that I couldn’t hear them before. I used to have to always worry about whether or not I was hearing the sounds correctly or not. These Sennheisers however sound almost the same as my car audio system does which is reassuring me of their accuracy. Yes, when I where these headphones with this soundcard the audio on my PC feels like I’m sitting inside of my car listening to things on my car audio system. Partially because they are open airs I think.

Anyway happy Renoising

Sennheiser wiring is usually also steel cabled, which means they are usually more rugged. Only the connectors are a little weaker. I still using the Ovation HD560. The connectors of each ear-cup already got broken long-time ago but i managed to solder the steel cables to the cup connectors (which was real hard to do , because stainless steel doesn’t really like to be soldered). Also had to replace the head-size adjustment belt and the ear covering fabric for my own, but that is no sweat at all.

I have this cup-pack since roughly 1990.