Sensible 3.2 Wish-list

Pattern data and current column (including effect column) overwrite on recording live.
Clear pattern track keybind.
Automation overwrite.
Synchronised selection and cursor and simultaneous movement of contents of automation pane and the pattern, also working with multi-track selections.
Automation recording at a resolution higher than LPB.

Movement of several parameter automations on a track at the same time.
Freeze track (as in just render pattern track and keep the midi and automation frozen until unfrozen)

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I was Mr.Sensible just for this one.

EDIT: forgot Loop selection.




I would like to see ASAP btw my wishes are for 3.1

  • mid/side mode for eq and compressors (by changing the current button into a multi-state button “L+R, L, R, L-R, R-L, Mid, Side”, displaying only one state at once, kind of drop down button/menu)

  • No quantization of recorded automation

  • Overdub/Overwrite switch for notes and automation (i mean one button/switch, automation recording needs priority on the input, not on the existing curve)

  • Dry/wet amount for doofers

  • Movable doofer knobs, half-sized knobs, double max. amount

  • Allow send devices in doofer

  • Movable post fader gainer

  • Multiple output routing for Renoise instruments, just like the multi out is already available for VSTis (setting up groups as inter-connection)

  • Multi input, multi output formula device

  • AND clause for searching fields like VST list, additional info text field that will be searched, too (for tagging)

  • Detachable mixer

  • Really all parameters as graphical automation

  • Freezing tracks, but in 2 ways: pre-fader, post-fader (pre-post fx) (maybe useful for external synths), displayed in one track, auto re-freeze on editing

  • Multiple input support for VST 2.4 -> side chain (available in send device)

EDIT: Ok, but freezing feature doesn’t seem so “sensible”, too
EDIT2: Added from joule
EDIT3: added mid/side

now, now wee need to keep this sensible (read: small)

more like this:

Multi input, multi output formula device

and not like this:
Multiple input support for VST 2.4 -> side chain (available in send device)

or add 14-bit midi or ‘fully’ implement rewire 2

Detachable mixer?

Intelligent phrases? (non-fixed arps, perhaps working by intervals or by chord recognition)

All i wanna do is to
add more macros

Indeed, forgot about that one.

Absolutely no less than16 and probably a maximum of 255 (or 32 or 64) macros both in the doofer and instrument.

Things bugging me hard right now. There are many good points suggested above, I’d like to add:

  • better graphical automation workflow, enabling to compare a graph in timeline to notes and other automation graphs in the same view. also enable to see a (simplified) representation of the graph in arranger and/or patterns.

  • better sequencer based on named snippets of independent length that are placed on a timeline. kind of like buzz tracker does the buisiness. neither matrix nor phrases action work out for me, I feel very inhibited by the current arrangement designs.

Come on, guys. lets keep it clean and on-topic in an off-topic forum,

SENSIBLE things.

Nothing that sounds like ‘remake the entire thing’ :c

I’d want LV2, too. Or some cooperation between renoise and some linux-vst-wrapper-gurus, cause dssi works but far from perfect

Everybody here wants horses instead cash, so I now switch back to Octamed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think horse would be the right way to go in the Renoise development.

Haha gova, you ask for sensible stuff in a poll that makes absolutely no sense, not shure if that was a clever move. :smiley:

@thebellows: “clean and on-topic in an off-topic forum” should have been a dead giveaway of my intensions :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some more but I’ve forgotten them, either way, the pattern number pane, should have a smaller version (thinner).

Oh, nudge should have an option to follow the selection together with the nudge, also holding the nudge button down should iterate the nudge not quite like piano roll features but that would be great.

Keyboard focus to advanced editor, so you can change the instruments in a second, change the amount of nudge etc.

Advanced editor should be keybindable, just add the word Advanced editor to each function that is already outside of it like quantise (im sore that’s least of the problems)

Push tab for autocomplete string in the terminal

The tool api should have access to midi mappings

The Send devicesin an instrument effects chain should not send to chain 1 but to the chain they are on during creation, so that you could simply drag-duplicate it around where you need it, to make parallel chains faster

The piano should be hidable

The piano roll should be hidable

It is. Never could find it.

  • Start recording on MIDI input. (please!!!)
  • Enable recording of more than one MIDI control command.
  • As stated before, overwrite for live recording.
  • Again, as stated before, freeze. I know, there is a tool, but a native solution is needed.

^ that reminds me

midi mapping of CC with not only the master keyboards

  • Highly Obvious Rhythmic Sequence Editor (HORSE), aka pianoroll/drum editor

Random button.

Macro filter types.

Unison effect.