Separate Followers In Pattern Editor And Sequencer/Matix

Separate Follower buttons for Pattern and sequencer

Makes it possible to have note followers On while the Sequencer and Matrix in follow mode Off.[/b]
This could be handy for live performing, jamming etc.

Hm. <_< Not necessary to move the original follower button.
It could stay but only affect Secuencer/Matrix following.
So just a new button for Pattern/note follower is needed. :)

Theres an option in the preferences (GUI) to avoid that the sequencer also gets decoupled with pattern follow. Probably this already solves you “problem”?

Not really.
I want the ability to let the sequencer act as when button is inactive,
(you see the green line move and the “now playing”-frame move, but whole list is “stable”)
while the pattern “rolls” like when the button is active.

This let you mute/unmute, drag around “cells” with no risk of the pattern list have moved and you lose focus. sort of.