Separate Play/off And Solo Button

Suggestion: Separate PLAY/OFF and SOLO button (when not in “Mute Others” mode)

Now I know, putting SOLO on top of PLAY/OFF wants to tell me that the solo state overrides play/off state. Or it’s to save space.

But with both states/buttons in one place, I took that for a a normal button having only one state, not two. It was hard to find out, whether it’s a meant to have just mute states like fl studio or mute and solo states like most of the other DAWs.

And when it’s set to SOLO you can still toggle PLAY/OFF with a left-click and get no visual feedback.

PS: The FL Studio way uses only one button and actually works fast. You can reset everything with two right clicks, I love that part of FL, but I know how some think about FL.

PS2: If you’d separate those buttons (to prevent confusion, doing it like other daws etc), I’d have another suggestion: Right-click on PLAY/OFF would be free to assign then. So you could implement FL Studio’s solo function there, using only the PLAY/OFF state of each track, that is:
If the clicked track is the only one set to PLAY (it’s “soloed”), then set all tracks to PLAY (do “unsolo”), else set the clicked track to PLAY and all other tracks to OFF (do “solo”). Pseudo-solo if you will.
With this little add-on you would also be able set all tracks to PLAY very fast (two right-clicks on any track, not looking for the master track, not using alt #).

Corticyte and danoise pointed me to it, [Already There] xD

The separate-button-idea might hold true maybe, when “Mute Others” mode isn’t active.
“Mute Others” might be the better default setting, atm I find it a lot easier.