seq 24 ..freeware ( midi only ) clip launcher

Nice litlle piece of freeware …midi only …having fun here controlling nord modular and integra 7

A bit like ableton’s clip launcher

Beware …old skool interface

Nice, but the Seq24 project has been abandoned for something like 10 years and was very rough to use on a daily basis.

The good news is that there’s a reboot and it’s a lot better:




And the bad news about the good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any Windows binary available on the github repo.

So if you’re ever interested in the Windows version, better raise a request directly to the author on GitHub, he’s a nice guy and replies fast usually.

yep the reboot is linux only

Not Linux only, there’s a Windows branch which is about 6 months behind, so it’s not game over:

Just according to the roadmap, the Windows build files + NSIS installer are not ready:

That’s why I was suggesting to drop a feature request to the author to let him know in case you’re interested.

I could do it, but since I’m on Linux only that would be lying :wink:

Trying to contact the developer , can’t find a way on github to do so

If you could point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

ok, no worries, let’s see what’s the outcome:

And the reply as well :wink:

In summary: the Sequencer64 Windows builds should be, give or take, two months away - but they’re still in the plans.

Thanks , just read it .

Qt 5 framework …meaning possible gui slow downs .

Nah, I don’t think so, the original Seq24 in GTK2 had quite a few redraw and performance issues all around the place.

So the move to QT5 will be for the better in the long run (or at least compared to porting to GTK3).

The first versions will probably be a bumpy ride as it’s a huge change, but the developer is a true perfectionist so I’m quite optimistic here :wink:

On Linux I’ll try give it a shot this WE with Carla:

I didn’t try it for ages so got some catch up to do…

I miss a simple patternsequenzer on windows with duration
know only seq24, sadly buggy
ios have genome, modstep, beatmaker, pattering
no idea why it is not something on windows, dont need, want a monster daw as bitwig or live

very nice to read that it goes on with seq24, there is no alternative for windows
Unfortunately, it often crashes on my windows XP pc
seq24 and redux would be a good team

I am running seq 24 on vista , never experienced a crash .

Sending lots of midi cc data to integra and nord modular.

used it when i was still on linux, its daaaamn good

I am running seq 24 on vista , never experienced a crash .

Sending lots of midi cc data to integra and nord modular.

nice to read

which version do you use pls, and have you maybe experience with vst drivers at seq24?
i use midi yoke at the time, maybe it crashes because of that
danoise recommended me here (link) modern alternatives over midi yoke but but I have not tried it yet

I use the latest version , 0.8.8

What do you mean by vst drivers ? ( seq 24 can not host vst’s ) , maybe you mean loopback devices etc…dunno …don’t use that .

I use it control hardware .+ integra drivers over usb ( midi +audio stream ).

With all that being said , seq 24 really shines in it’s simplicity , (un)muting a cell is basically muting the midi output .

Most of it can be done with renoise and the phrases , but only when the phrases are free-running ( triggered once from the beginning ) + autoseek , renoise phrases also can have independent track length / time signature .

It would be great if we could have a ‘phrase pool’ …just like seq 24 .the only thing seq 24 is missing is a global swing

thnx gentleclockdivider
yes just like that, use earlier seq24 with shortcuit (vst-sampler)
i try soon seq24 again with redux and danoise recommendation (use at the time only hardware but that will change again)

What about giada?

Never heard of giada , looks good …sadly I’m on 32 bit os only …

What we are all waiting for is ‘loomers’ architect ( previously named epoch ) .

It’s gonna be huge …if it ( ever ) will be released, it already 6 years in develoment

A bit of necroposting as I noticed Sequencer64 should run on Windows now (although I didn’t try the Windows version):

Windows builds there: