Renoise, OSC and Automatonism? (Pure Data)


play with automatonism (pure data) for a few days and really like the interface

at the renoise manual, a chapter:
using pd with renoise via osc

has anyone ever tried that?
Is there any example of how renoise collaborated with pure data on osc?
any advantage over midi? dont like virtual midi patchbays as midi yoke, too much fumbling

Hey, this Automatonism is cool - PD has lacked such a set of well-defined building blocks.
Interesting, as I’ve done a fair bit of PD patching in the past and missed this sort of thing.

Is there any example of how renoise collaborated with pure data on osc?

OSC support in Renoise is good, but far from perfect.
Yes, Renoise can both send and receive OSC messages, but for instruments, the Renoise OSC device only works as an input device ATM.

This unfortunately means that in your case, you would have to fiddle with virtual MIDI ports to control the PD patch via Renoise.

That said, if you do need to use such a thing and you’re a windows user I would recommend more modern alternatives over midi yoke (ancient piece of software):

any advantage over Midi? dont like virtual midi patchbays as midi yoke, too much fumbling

The main advantage of MIDI is that it’s a strictly defined standard, defining things like note-on, pitch bend etc.
OSC has nothing of the sort, except what the sender and receiver agrees on. So most often, you’d have to somehow configure this yourself.

Apart from that (and that is a big deal!), OSC has nothing but advantages, if you are prepared to work a bit on the configurations.

  • “Unlimited” resolution, when compared to MIDI which is most often 7/14 bit.

  • Infinitely customizable (never run out of parameters, give them descriptive names)

  • Network-capable, which means easy exchange of messages between computers, etc.

Renoise is great as an OSC client but getting it to send OSC is tricky. It’s trivial to have a tack send MIDI on the beat. I don’t know how to do that with OSC from Renoise.

What’s awesome about OSC is that, assuming you have control of both ends (maybe a big assumption in some cases but true if you are using Renoise and PD) is that you can exchange complex chunks of data, either as bundled messages or as complex messages.

So you could have Renoise tell pd to load a new patch, or change multiple parameters, or split a message to multiple clients, all in a single message

I got a PiSound ( a while back and so far I think running pd on it is the best way to get useful noises from it.

My plan (on day Real Soon Now) is to drive it from Renoise and probably some additional hardware controllers.

I’ve been sorting out the ins and outs of talking to it with MIDI and OSC, but to get it to work in sync I’m sure I will be using MIDI. But that doesn’t preclude also using OSC.


thanks for your support, you give always clear answers that eliminates all my questions. could not make any rhyme with osc before
your link is also useful, for a ancient user as me :slight_smile:

had researched a lot the last time, discovered your homepage too, amazing how creative you are
the main problem with raspberry seems the audio quality and extern hardware control, that seems so with pisound eliminated, very nice
please report it when the time comes

had previously discovered only organelle with pure data (cool but expensive)
read also on muffwiggler posts by people who use their hardware modular system with pure data or renoise via cv

have been for a short time a korg sq-1 use with a doeper ms-404, raklit drum synth-pedal and a gameboy, make fun, since then totally relish on noise & drones and want more
ordered a axoloti core (its more comparable to nord micro modular than pure data) and a second hand beatstep
looks easy, not to expensive, hope that’s a good start

I was once doin an experiment where Renoise controlled puredata and then puredata controlled blender3D. My goal was to get 3D visual syncing to music when live playing Renoise. Here is a forum topic about that. It might include some interesting info for you even it is about graphics.

I made also demonstration video:

Osc Output -tool is from this topic.

I am getting back to this controlling graphics topic, and I am wondering what does this actually mean: “but for instruments, the Renoise OSC device only works as an input device”. Does it mean that when you are playing instrument for example from keyboard, it can’t be sent immediately to PD without those additional programs??

I was also reading some topics and people say that there is too much latency to realtime send OSC because of LUA. I wonder how long the latency is??