Sequencer- Mouse Select/drag With 'shift + Controll' Gone?

Ey, hadn’t tried this before because of the drag bug, but one of my favorite ways to compose tracks using the sequence list seems to absent in 2.8.

In 2.7.2 you can select a few patterns in the sequence list, left click and hold the mouse button, drag them somewhere while holding shift + ctrl (so the icon changes) and through releasing the mouse, the selection would get cloned.

Please re-implement this! :drummer:

It still does work in the matrix, but I want this also working through the sequence list.

It still works. You only have to CTRL+Drag your selection to clone it.

wait a minute :) , so…clone is replaced by copy, but the pattern numbers still iterate further? Confusing

Ah, my mistake. Use ALT+Drag instead.

(Right? Or… did I just totally misread your original post, haha.)

Nah, I was looking for what has been replaced by ctrl+drag :), as long as it works the same no problem!