Sequencer With Sample Editor

Although I’ve asked once before, can’t the pattern-sequencer be shown with the sample-editor?
Now we have new powerful seq, so I think it’s very useful for sample recording too.
Is this too dangerous change for the Beta phase?

definitely helpfull. Maybe another suggestion on this forum is even better: if the record box can be spawned with a key shortcut anywhere and is also draggable across the screen.

this would also give the benefit of having the sequenser visable while recording. (no more clicking between the two between takes).

the record box isn’t spit in two with a dual display setup.

the sample editor can still have the full display width.

Yeah I would like to be able to see the sampler and sequencer at the same time.

Don’t want any detachable windows though; the fixed views of Renoise really make it feel like hardware to me, and I dont want to change that.

When I asked taktik before, he said that if we change Sample Editor to such layout, also we have to change Instrument Editor as well.(for coding wise?)
I thought it is a bit pointless about Instrument Editor, so I gave it up at that time.
But, the new sequencer is powerful as may be called vertical transport panel.
I think that it is regrettable to conceal it…

Well, because this might be related to the redesign of the whole GUI, we may not need to do in a hurry though.

Btw, now just I found that the “detach” mode is useful for recording even as it is. :guitar:
If we OFF the pattern follor, we can playback from the same pattern every time in Sample Editor (without back to Pattern Editor and return the cursor).

Yes, I absolutely love this new thing!

2 windows, 1 song.

  • Sample editor and pattern editor at once.
  • Pattern editors … 2 patterns editable at once, or edit one and play-follow the other.
  • Loooong pattern editor on 1 screen, sample editor + diskop + instrument editor on the other.


Maybe some other valuable improvements on the sampler;

Build in features like, pitch, timestretch, formant shift, multi point trigger/loops etc.

I’m now using external stuff with rewire to timestretch, pitch, formant change and do other sample manipulations, but it would be amazing if this all could be done within the sampler of renoise self.

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