Sequences/patterns Triggering

Hi all!
Does anybody knows if it’s possible to trigger sequences in a way similar to Ableton Live’s Scene launch mode? Basically I would like to trigger pattern/sequences in Renoise with the possibility to choose different options (in Ableton the options are “trigger”, “gate”, Toggle" and “Repeat”, they also have a "quantization option). In Renoise the possibilities are “trigger seq” (without quantization) and “schedule seq” (you have to wait the end of the current pattern before hearing the next triggered one). Maybe I need a script? Sorry for my ignorance, i’m not a coder!!! I just would like to use this beautiful tracker (my favourite way of composing music) for live performances. The pattern launching extra options idea comes from the Yamaha RS7000 hardware groovebox and its way of managing scenes: they are triggered in a way similar (or same) to Ableton’s “REPEAT” launch mode with quantization set to 1/8.
I’ll really appreciate any help!
Thank you!

I found this:

but i don’t know if I can trigger or retrigger sequences in a quantized way (see above). Also I don’ t know DUPLEX at all. Please, some suggestion!!!

I forgot to ask if Duplex can work with ageneric midi keyboard (I wanna use keys to trigger sequences)
Thank you

Yes, quite recently Duplex got support for generic MIDI keys. But currently, there’s no quantization in the Duplex Matrix, sorry.
However, I might just whip something together for you. It’s in my own interest

well, there is also this: New Tool (2.8): Cells! 2.0
and you can trigger passages in the arranger (on the left side) through MIDI mapping.

Hey, sorry to rain on your parade, but…

I guess someone needs to write a midi-keyboard driver first? Cells! doesn’t rely on basic mappings, but I guess it’s not that hard to make something. But obviously Cells! should be highlighted when we’re talking about a way to trigger sequences "similar to Ableton Live’s Scene launch mode "
But in any case, standard MIDI mappings for the sequence aren’t quantized to the beat like OP wants

Now I’m using Renoise 2.7 without Cells! and I’ve already tried both instant trigger and schedule with midi keyboard. It’s nice, but it still lacks the launch options with quantization. Unfortunately I don’t know how to manage Lua and other things…
I think this option is the definitive one for me, especially now that I run a Standalone Renoise Environment on Linux: it’s superb! My CPU’s reborn!

Anyway Duplex is really nice! I’m just trying (virtually) the APC40, the OHM64 and so on and they are the base for studying LUA!

In the file GlobalMidiActions.lua from line 754 to 859 there are main midi codes involved in Renoise behaviour concerning sequences launch. Now the thing is: are they editable in some logic way???

Absolutely, but you probably want to create a copy of the GlobalMidiActions file from the program folder, or your modifications would be lost the next time Renoise is (re)installed.

E.g. on Windows this could be:

Program folder: C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.8.0\Scripts\GlobalMidiActions.lua
User folder: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\GlobalMidiActions.lua <- your modified version

As for the modifications, it’s a bit tricky to create such quantized pattern-scheduling. You’d have to constantly monitor the current position and make the jump in position (hopefully) right before the moment it’s needed. The higher the tempo, the harder it becomes to detect this moment.

Thank you Danoise for the interest! I investigated various LUA files, but the reality is just this, I personally don’t know how to manage the situation. These are things for expert programmers! So if there’s anybody here capable to solve the problem, please, help us! It could be a great improvement of the software!!!

Hi developers!
Nothing new about my request? Am i the only one who wanna launch patterns in sync and quantized???