Sequencing A Tb303

Hi @ all

i would like to sequence my lovely roland tb303 using renoise
send midi from 303 to renoise and inverse…

i using “m-audio fasttrack pro” for midi.

is there anyone who can help me step to step?

thanks a lot :)


Is your tb303 modified to accept MIDI ? Originally, the tb303 is a pre-MIDI synth and it was only possible to sync it with SYNC24. It WAS not possible to sequence it externally.

Use a MIDI-CV converter, that allows you to attach an analogue synth to your MIDI connector.

The TB303 orignaly doesn’t have CV/gate inputs, only cv/gate outputs. If you’re TB303 isn’t modified with cv inputs, a midi to cv converter doesn’t have any use.

The din connector on you’re tb looks like a midi in/ouput but in fact is a sync input.

Why not use the internal sequencer and sync it to renoise? If you’re really want that acid sound, the internal sequencer is what you want to use. You only have to buy a midi to sync converter, to sync the internal sequencer to Renoise! Aciiieed!

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Lucky bastard

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Besides the sound the sequencer makes the 303 special. The glides and how it reacts to the accent can’t be done by other sequencers.
The can get close but not the same…

sync it and use the internal sequencer.

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Im really glas i got this instead…

Only 59 euro… if it does TB303, TR808 and the TR909 it sounds affordable…

You did tried the free rebirth museum pieces though?

thanks for the responses…

it’s not the original cult machine… it’s a clone called ml-303.
ml-303 it’s a DIY german DIY project: acidcode
it has midi in/out…

now it’s time to sequence this machine with renoise :D
it’s not the intuitive and best way to create sequences on the machine…

hmm… i tried to sync it with renoise… but it dos’nt work… any ideas?


i’ve tried many soft-clones… but it sounds never “originaly”…

Can you help me connect a Minimoog to Renoise?

ps: by the way the Minimoog is a Roland Alpha Juno :(

lol. disappointing.

:) i know… it’s not the original shit, but if you hear it…

damn it looks good,i would like one of those,but i guess they a priiiiceyy