sequencing external midi hardware with renoise


i am new to “renoise” and am having a hard time determining weather or not it is possible to sequence midi hardware with the “renoise” sequencer. is it possible to assign a “renoise” track to a external midi channel ? i am running “renoise” 2.8 as rewire salve to “reaper”. i am assuming that i am able to use “renoise” as a hardware midi sequencer… am i mistaking ?

any and all feedback would be apreciated.



i figured it out. went to
“instrument settings”
“ext. midi”
assigned “device” and “channel”

worked like a charm.

hopefully this helps somone els out

i hate to say it…

but another stupid question. the “midi ext device” selection and “channel” appears to be global across all tracks. i have a drum pattern playing on midi channel one in track one. i go to track two to add a baseline on another synth and when i change midi channels in the instrument setting’s the changes occur across all tracks ???

very odd

shouldn’t each tracks poses its one unique “ext. midi” instrument setting’s

figured it out :)

you adjust instrument settings for each instrument.
i was under the impression that the instrument banks in the top right hand corner were simply slots in a sampler.

my bad

once again… i hope this helps another renoise virgin