Serial and Parallel Effect device chain


For more flexibility I suggest to add a new effet ‘Adder’ (see this PDF document). With this function it’s possible to created a serials and parallels effect for a same track. you can see also what mixed I the effects track and controls sample. With this news possibility, we created a big effect and more reality song. for this solutiion, all block effect and sample control have two new parametres called ‘From’ and ‘to’ to great routed signal.

On this next schematic I suggest same conception for instrument (see this PDF document). I think that this very important to added a ‘key follow’ function. This function can modulated a cut frequence following the key for exemple.

And for finished, for all operations fuctions add a entry of midi control effect (midi CC) with or parametre should be great for more flexibility.

or just a modular environment for plugins (think audiomulch, eXT, mulab, tracktion, buzz etc.)

+1 for a good idea and you’ve put work in these pdf files!
keyb follow for filter: YES.
I would suggest the ‘Adder’ device could be layed out like the FX box in Live, with multiple channels/streams and their post volumes…

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you surely already know it, anyway it has to be said that such things are already possible even without a modular environment, using the Key-Tracker

An Instrument-based keytracker should be able to work in Polyphony, the meta device can only be made to work monophonic.

Yes sure, if you use polyphonic trax, it’s impossible to use *Key-tracker -> add news functions on instruments settings : ‘key follow’ for transpose, volume, filter … should be great.
More I think that it’s very important to created a ‘mid CC control’ dsp function. In this function we connect a midi CC control to one parameter dsp (fusion of *hydra and *inst.MIDI Control) watch on pdf (MIDI CC Control).

While this is true, in cases like usage with Phaser like in dblue’s “native devices.xrns” (or something) you can definitely hear some delay in the response :(
e.g. I like to use the technique as a resonator, hit a kickdrum sample that becomes then kind of tomtoms/african drums/… If you hit C-6 and then C-4 you hear a different sound second time then when you just hit C-4 two times (and give the hydra+phaser some ms time to settle)
Of course this is a little far fetched from the original topic, but an auto-key-follow on filters (with octave adjust) and maybe even on phasers like that, would be really cool :D