Serious Irritation: Linear cutoff value mapping in envelope editor

I don’t mean to barge in here like the forum noob that I am, but I’m a regular Renoise user and I think that one of the main things that needs to be addressed in the Renoise instrument area is the mapping of cutoff values in the envelope graph. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I can’t find a reference to it in the forum search.

When modulating cutoff, most of the interesting stuff happens between 20 and ~2KHz. But in the envelope editor (which seems to map Hz linearly) this range of values is squished right down in the bottom quarter of the graph. This makes accurate editing of useable cutoff values very difficult. Additionally, having three quarters of the graph being mostly unused is aesthetically unpleasant.

I know I can use the ‘big editor’ for more accuracy, but the point stands.

Has anyone else been bothered by this? Would you like to see it addressed in the next RN release?


u right, lfo the same , when you select triangle. or custom lfo… exponential movement…
i didnt like it at all

It’s not linear but it’s also not equal divisions per octave, which is what I would expect. So I agree with you Suggestion (which is where this thread should really be, not General Discussion) even if not your determinations ;)

Yes, this operates indeed a bit (I think) like the old filter devices, or the ‘micro’ filters that are built into the chorus and others. These all still have linear mapping. In some other daws, the axis is even ‘stronger’ logarithmic, like I believe is the case in ableton, you really have all the space to precisely find the sweet spot between 100 and 200 Hz. Takes some getting used to as well. Luckily, in most places you can type in the value you want.
If I need it; nah, well, not in the current state of renoise at 2.8 because I hardly use instrument envelopes, only when I really have to. If the next version gets support for separate envelope sets per sample, more obvious timing, keytracking and velocity mapping for filter/ampattack and decay/filter attack and decay etc: then yeah, let’s fix this too :D

Suggestion: maybe a little vertical slider beside frequency graphs, to change the scale?