Serious question: possible to add Redux to master channel in Ableton?

Cause I love mastering with redux using it on the master channel in bitwig, but in Ableton I am not able to put it on the master channel, is there a workaround? Thanks in advance. /Qlas beats

Thanks for moving this post to the right category. I’m asking team Redux to consider making available as a fix vst as well without the bus routeing so you can, as you can in bitwig, add Redux to the master channel (in Ableton) cause Redux has some amazing mastering tools, plus a superb bus compressor, exciter and maximizer.

Happy weekend y’all - make beats !

KnownUn, I’m not an expert with Ableton/Redux, but I’m sure it is possible to route all your audio from other tracks through Redux because Redux has this fellow:
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Why not just add a ‘mastering Redux’ to a midi track (with a line input device and any mastering effects in the chain you like…)

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and then alter the audio output routing of all the other tracks to feed into your ‘mastering Redux’ aux in/sidechain (which flows through the line input and subsequent effects) and output Redux to the Ableton master? Also see this along a similar line -> :slight_smile:

Yeah, that could work, I use the line input already in bitwig, not sure you are able to route audio to midi channel in Ableton but will give it a try, thing is you can’t open Redux on abletons audio tracks. Thank you for taking your time, I’ll try this later.


You could make a “sub-master” track and route everything besides Master there, and put Redux on it.

That’s true, like a ‘midi’ (in Ableton) master sub track plus Redux:s -line in- function, and maybe just keep a limiter on the sub. A tip to y’all, if you are looking for a mega fresh and transparent limiter that get crazy loud, plus a 30 dollar a year license, then I highly recommended -Invisible Limiter- by AOM.