Serious question

can we invest some more effort together to make this forum a better place?

can you read carefully post before start asking questions?

  • or don’t even reply before you read carefully ongoing discussion? maybe it’s already answered, 1,2,3,X times?
    maybe you need to read again? maybe you misinterpret it? but someone already did exactly that and it’s already discussed?

  • can we stop avoiding subject of (a bit serious) topics, and stop including your wishes and dreams into almost any topic?

i mean i don’t want the community to be policed, it’s just that every topic (no matter the subject) has great amount of toxicity…

  • or you simply use wheel of fortune to communicate within forum? or is it formula? or hydra device?
  • or should i leave again forum, since i’m having hard time… and i’m really investing a lot of time being on forum…

Comon dude! Lets just stop all the Greta Tunberg Drama and slap some 808ss on thhis Bitch for real! :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::sweat_smile:

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Being serious for once isn’t “drama”, you might be projecting, being quite the off-topic spammer yourself. If the idea of building, sustaining and improving a world, including forums, instead of just consuming it like some nihilistic fucking teletubbie, makes you jump on the table as if you’ve seen a mouse, that’s your problem.

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