Seriously Impressed

I am very impressed with the latest version of renoise. It has some very powerful and easy to use functions.

It seems that the peeps at renoise took on board my suggestion (turning tracks on and off via keyboard) and implemented it.

I am going to buy the full version tonight for sure.


Render to sample is the best thing since sliced bread! I would also like to thank the devs for keeping the panic as it was in 1.281 :) Quality release.

Where is this render to sample feature on OS X?

According to our simon, everything should be the same in Win32 and OS X version except for the ogg and mp3 support and instead of asio it’s core-audio)


Make a selection in a pattern, right/control+click and select ‘Render selection to sample’ in the context menu, or make a selection and press command+control+shift+r your choise.