Seriously, What Do You Do?

Job: A/V, Media & Theatre manager at a girl’s high school.
Hobbies: DJ/VJ and hopefully attempting some proper live music soon. MBK, Capoeira, cooking & partying.

I’m a web developer and occasionally a web designer. Recently tried myself in print design for a CD sleeve. I’m still waiting to see how this one has turned out.

In my spare time, besides writing music, I go rafting and explore abandoned villages. I haven’t done that for a while, 'cause of the cold weather, but next weekend I’ll be hitting the rivers again. :)

villages? you make it sound like you live in cambodia or something. where do you live?

As subset’s toplevel-domain is .bg I’d say it is bulgaria.


There are lots of small mountain villages that have been gradually abandoned through the years as young people moved to the cities. Most of the smallest villages are now completely abandoned. Often the houses there remain nearly intact, with furniture, cutlery, decoration, family photos and pictures on the walls… Like snapshots of a past long gone, really.

webdeveloper/designer here too, and i have a feeling there are quite a lot of us here :)
but seriously though, even if I love my job, I sometimes wish i had a job NOT evolving sitting in front a computer all day, maybe a gardener or whatever, just to free up more computer-energy for musicmaking.
ahh, listen to me - just a sad luxury issue. I’ll shut up now ;)

Speaking of fliers…

Here is one I designed for a party that was in Jan of 2007. It was a blast. Tons of alcohol. I djed it and I am not really a dj.

I brought my entire peecee because I didn’t have a laptop at the time and practiced with Virtual DJ for about 2+ hours per day for approximately two weeks. I didn’t use any type of special interface. Just my mouse and I was able to mix fairly well. Preset cue points in all of the songs and the transitions were good and it could not have been better. I have a couple of infinity subs I setup in opposite corners of the room and some 15s. My major mistake was the amplifier was not meant to push hip hop/reggeaton/booty music for hours on end and it started to clip in a major way. I need to build some type of custom fan emclosure that it can sit on and flow air directly over the heatsync…

Now the bad. I have a drinking problem. I don’t drink very often, but when I do I binge and it’s not pretty. Or I turn into a total nutcase. People wanted to be really generous to the “DJ” and my friend was like “Robby you need some of this” and gave me a giant cup of hennessy straight up and I ended up PASSING OUT during my set and I have photos of me in my chair just sitting/leaning into the f****ing wall…

I will try and get a hold of them to post. It was so messed up… Lucky for me I started doing this when it was late and just about over.

I love to create things. This is not perfect and I used photofilter for all of the pixel editing. No photoshop and layer business. Just old school editing for this flier. I created it at 300 DPI and it printed REALLY nice. Only problem was people then wanted me to make all kinds of things for them, but it took quite some time using my archaic method and designing them for others would take too long and the money would not be worth effort.

Oh and recently I was sitting in my friend’s kids little toy car and my friends took a photo with me so I placed us in some other neighborhood. Pretty damn funny when you see the original…

Here is the edit - let me know if you want to see the original. Nothing major, but pretty damn funny.

my friend/cousin guy (marriage arrangements are weird here in missouri) sometimes talks about this comedian who tends to get drunk during his routine and just passes out during his routine, right there on the stage.

ROFL! Maybe we are related, no? hahaha oh that’s awful.

I would pay to see that though. Not sure which is worse. Him passing out of me actually paying to watch him pass out. Good times!

i4ö hoöeless qnd uneöplozed 5oopsß

thats english on a french keyboard with german windows

im homeless and unemployed, and eat out of dustbins :)

so im a full time musician, at the moment im mixing death metal guitar with digi grind techno,
and occasional dj old motown soul, or make sound effects for theatre, or touring with a grindcore band, ect ect… trying to sell my jungle breakcore cds…

unemployed , been 30 years trying to figure out what I wanna do with the next 70 years of my life ( yeap , I am gona live verry verry long …
Been into graphics , 3D, etc …

I get annoyed at my brain not functioning at optimal efficiency

totally true with me too!

I’m a data analyst for the US army’s health care system, and a part time grad student (masters in statistics - SUX!).

In my spare time I try to find time to practice shaolin kung fu, make music and hang with the girlfriend. But I’ve been too busy these days to even produce. But I’m feeling the inspiration bug these days tho. Summer break will be good for music, after I come back from visiting my friends and family in BraziL! :w00t:

i envy you :angry:


I rob tiny little old women and sell drugs to teenagers who aren’t smart enough to say no every know and than.

cool, looking for collegues?


I prefer the “study enhancement” marketing method.

classics student at a liberal arts college

in my spare time i like smoking and drinking excessively.

i try composing music/digital images and learn some programming so i can go to gradschool for arts.

oh and i don’t have a life or a girl/boy/friend.

wow it’s nice to see my crap thread got such a huge impact :)

about hobby… musicmaking (or recently pre-mastering other musicians’ stuff), graphics, writing, but most importantly: pimpin’. seriously, i’m a fat f**** but oh boy, i would definitely be into teaching renoise or how to hook up with easy gals :) when i’m down for being philosophic, i love turning enthusiastic christians to be skeptical, free-thinker atheists for i am one as well :D

btw i’m planning to leave this smelly country, can anyone offer any job less stressful than running on a minefield blindfolded? :)

I worked at one of those ISP call centres trying to help people fix their internet until recently.
Am now unemployed.