Serum UI lags incredibly hard, but only visually

Serum (both VST2 and VST3) lag immensely visually, but work just fine. For example, when I turn a knob it won’t actually turn visually, and if I click around a bit then it will update, but for all intents and purposes the UI is frozen. For example, a free running LFO won’t move but it still works. Click around and I see the position head move for one frame and stop. There are other visual glitches like movable parts of the UI corrupting.

I have used Serum in Ableton for years with no issue, and every other VST of mine in Renoise works fine. Considering reinstallation, but before I do I’m checking to see if this has this happened to anyone else?

Works fine here :person_shrugging:

I’m so to speak a daily Serum user (mostly VST2 - I only use VST3 if I’m using a lot of CPU heavy VST instances and I need to save resources in terms of CPU) and I never had any problems on Win7 and Win10 in any Renoise version. Btw, I also never had any issues with VST3 in Renoise in general, not even in terms of the GUI. Everything works as expected.

So you’re having this kind of problem only with Serum? Any other VSTi works fine?

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Buy mac, very simple.

Yes, only Serum has had this issue out of all the VSTs I use. I didn’t use Serum for the first year and a half of using Renoise, but I brought it out recently and it simply won’t work visually. Think I’ll reinstall and see if that fixes the issue.

You mentioned that you have used Serum in Live for years. Have you tried to use it in Live lately to compare with Renoise? If the UI currently doesn’t work in Live either, then my hunch is that some Windows graphic driver may be a culprit. If you haven’t updated Windows, it may be a good idea to do so.

I also wonder if anything shows in the Renoise log files.

That’s all I can offer.

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I used to get this in Synthmaster VST2 and VST3 - turning off automatic scaling for HiDPI helped alleviate it.

This is what did it! I had to turn it off for the plugin specifically, not just in Renoise in the main options. Thanks so much!

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Really happy to hear it :slight_smile:

I turn it off for all plugins now. Dont experience any VST3 issues any more.

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