Serum VST

Just bought the serum vst thingy,the gui is way too big for renoise,this has cropped up in a couple of other synths as well,is there any reason for this?is there any solution?

I’m using serum, too. On 1080p everything is fine. Whats your resolution? I’m not sure what you mean that serum is cropping up other synths. Maybe you can post a screenshot here?

I meant to say some other synths have the same problem (only a few),not sure what resolution,im not in the studio atm.The gui is just way to big it doesnt fit in the screen properly

Ah, ok, i think, i know what you mean. The window position is not optimal, because the gui is too big, right? I think scaling is the part of the plugin, not something that renoise can change.

Yep thats exactly it,fuck it anyways.What a waste of money,should of checked first,the way she goes.

You dont wasted your money :wink: I think serum is amazing. An all-rounder for everything.

Can’t you just move it?

If you unpin the plugin, you can move, position it as you like.

It might still not fit if you are running a low resolution, but at least Renoise will not take up any space…

(Serum is a great plugin, btw)