Set Bpm F0Xx Beyond A Decimal Point?

I assume it can be done and stacking them up for more resolution doesn’t seem to be working? I need to punch in 110.5 BPM…

Thanks in advance

Via Pattern Commands you can only set integer 32-256BPM. As there is only so much resolution with hexadecimal number now much else that could be done. Although I have suggested a possible enhancement to the F0 command I didn’t think to include any changes of less than +/- 1.

Or if you just want to enter it read my striked-out comment below, which is what I initially thought you meant.

[s]Then just punch it in. BPM works to decimal places it is only rounded up for display on the screen.

Up to three decimal places is Renoise’s limit IIRC.[/s]

Safe, I’ve been setting the F0xx to 221 BPM and halving the LPB to get the same result which seems to work just as well. Just wondered if you could do it without the workaround ^_^