set 'modulation set' from effects column

I was surprised to find there isn’t a way to select which modulation set a sample will use from the effects column. I saw there is Exx , but as far as I can understand it, that doesn’t allow you to switch sets, only change offset within the current one.

Of course, I can get around the problem by either cloning the sample and altering the modulation settings for that instance, or using layers.

Although, perhaps this would be a problem – I’m not sure how the underlying engine works, so perhaps changing the modulation set would affect all instances of the sample playing?

The problem is that an instrument may have shitloads of samples and mod sets, so how could you in that case figure out wich sample to assign to wich mod set?
To me it sounds practical if you have one sample that can switch between different mod sets, but once you get several samples assigned to different mod sets i don’t see a good way to control this using pattern commands.

I think that it should be possible to change the mod filter by automation instead, make it macro assignable. It would at least make the instruments a bit more flexible.

Good point. I didn’t consider how complex it could become as I’m a pretty old-school tracker and generally use one sample per slot.

Map the duplicated sample with the new modulation set to a seperate key and you should be fine no? Then you could have the same sample with as many modulations sets as you like mapped across as many keys as you need from C0 up to B9

Alternatively you could assign macros to the modulation sets parameters of just one sample and in the pattern editor open a macro device then right click on the macro you want to change to apply automation commands into the fx column in the pattern editor. This would change the modulation sets parameters. You’d have to figure out precise macro percentages though depending on what you wanted to change the parameters to. And you would also have to extend the fx line in the pattern editor to accommodate all the macros command changes at once. A workaround for that though would be the control all the macros at once using a hydra device which would result in only one fx line being needed.

I might not have explained that very well, but maybe it’ll help

I would love to automate modulation sets. At the moment I just have to make about 10 instances of the same sample - or am i doing it wrong?

I did check the manual, and theres nothing about automating the thing!