Set note length on VST Instruments... how?

can I set the length of a note on a VST instrument individually?
Like in FL Studio: There you can set the note length from 1 ms to 1 hour…


CAPS-LOCK places a note off. Thats how you decide the note lenght

If you want it shorter than a step. You can use C1-CB in the volume or panning column next to the note itself

And if you increase LPB you can shorten the note by note off even more, because of the higher resolution. You could also automate ADSR through Instr. Automation or use an external transient shaper to affect the note length.

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As mentioned above, You can use capsLock or key “A” - it also sets note-off command.


the “C” Command was exactely what I was looking for.

Thank you

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