set of convolver IR's?

hi, where would i go about finding a public domain / opensource set of impulse responses for the convolver? i’ve never looked at any of this IR stuff so i’d just like to give it a shot.

also, incidentally, if i have a decent vst/au reverb, could i actually make an IR out of it and load it into convolver?

dunno about the first one, but has a lot of decent 16 bit ones for free and under a fairly unrestricted license (basically, no resell add copyright notice if redistributing blah blah).

they also have some software to help you with your second question, if you’re interested in that stuff.

or do it the ghetto way by playing a transient (a good fairly full frequency click or even just a dc pop type sound will work pretty well) that will trigger your 100% wet verb and record that output (render to sample in renoise), edit out the what’s left of the click in your rendered sample, re-save it, and there you go.


Pay: QuickQuack’s RaySpace - you can build your own room and export the IR’s.

Search: “impulse response”.

Incidentally, I made a personal lua script some while ago for the sole purpose of grabbing reverb impulses of vst reverbs. Might clean that up now that this convolution thing is booming.

One thing to note is that a convolution reverb cannot produce the modulation and variation that any advanced algorithmic reverb does. So, while it might sound convincing enough, you cannot really fully emulate this type of behavior with the convolution reverbs.

KVR Audio has a topic sharing quite a few lists out there:

And of course you can load bits of vocals, different instruments, explosions whatever and make all sorts of mostly not very good sounds. But, sometimes cool ones!

KMaki, if you ever get around to it, I think releasing your personal script would be much appreciated!

I’ve been thinking of doing this, but I only have 7 samples on this work machine… I guess these efx would be similar to SoundForge WaveHammer, right?

+1 :drummer:

Here are some good ones:

Also, when you figure them out they’re quite easy and fun to make yourself. Just google tutorials. There are a few smartphone apps floating around that automates the process, but I don’t know how good they are.
You can even try to use a percussion sample as IR if you are no going for a specicif effect but just experimenting. Claps and rimshots can work really nice to give a sound some really compressed space.

I loaded the old chip samples into the convolver and i found it sounded pretty good. I have really no idea what it actually does though. :P