Set Off Sample According To Song Position

I could not find anything on this, only a few related topics. I suspect it has been suggested before.
Let’s say I have inserted a sample in 00:

00 C-4
01 -II-
02 -II-
03 -II-
04 -II-

Now I play the pattern from position04. Can’t hear a thing. Let’s say I am working with a low bpm and position04 is exactly 2 seconds into the song. Now, I would like to choose a special sample or track mode, so that when playing from position04, the sound I hear is 2 seconds into the sample.

Likewise, if I insert a long vocal (or guitar or live drums…) sample in pattern00 position00 and start playing from pattern20 position128, corresponding to 4 minutes into the song, the sample will be set off 4 minutes in.
09xx doesn’t help much here. Shouldn’t be that hard to implement?

hmm, yeah this would be a sweet feature,
and would really make the need for an external synced sequencer unnessecary… but i suppose all this will be solved when renoise gets its saught-after audio-tracks anyway.

by the way, what’s the plan, really? does anyone know if audiotracks will be implemented in the next version, or are we talking somewhere in the future here?

it. will. certainly. rock.

Yes, Audio Tracks!.. something that works like audio tracks in Cubase, Audition etc., right? Can’t find a topic dealing specifically with this issue, though. And it was not in the voting section.

Yes, and take care of quite a few auxiliary issues.