Set Samples-tab to a specific folder?

Hi, I’m working on an AppleScript for sending a file to Renoise to be loaded, but I’d also like to use the path of the sample to set the Samples tab - so I can edit, press save and it is saved right where the original file was.

Can this be done with the Renoise API? (setting of Samples -tab directory).

If it is impossible to set it, could this be circumvented with a destructive “write paht to path 4 preset” -> “show path 4 preset” type solution?

What’s being sent out is this:

{alias "Macintosh HD:Users:esaruoho:Music:samples:_loops:026_amen.wav"}.

any help?

Isn’t that path only stored in the config.xml?

If I’m correct, that means you can theoretically edit it… but it won’t have effect until you restart Renoise.

It’s a shame that there’s no way to just use the API to set paths or tabs in the disk browser. Would be a great thing to have!