Set "Save"-names

It meanwhile happened several times to me, that I overwrote the wrong instruments and samples by mistake, when saving. To prevent this, the “save”-names for instruments and samples should automatically be set to the active/selected instrument and sample name, instead of keeping the last save name.

Then there could be a problem when multiple instruments shared the same name (again, risk of accidentally overwriting files)
But I agree, it’s pretty easy to mess up with the file browser. Always has been!

What if each instrument could get a new internal field, which would be the filename? We already have something a bit like that for samples - if you open an instrument’s XML data, you will see the full path to where the sample was loaded from.
This internal/hidden filename could then be output to the “save as” textfield when you select an instrument, as you suggest.

This would also allow slightly different naming conventions for the instrument name (“any unicode character is OK”) and filename (“only certain characters are OK”).
For example, I think this would be a nice thing if your instrument was called “<<Lead/Czar>>” - full of ‘undesirable’ characters. Instead, you could specify a filename like “03.03.2014-danoise-lead-czar.xrni”, assuming that you also like to embed ‘extra info’ into a filename…