Set The Notes 'Hold' Value

In MED Sound Studios instrument properties, you can assign a notes hold value (length) in ticks - ie if there are 6 ticks per line, a hold value of 6 will play the note for one line only before turning the note off - 3 would be half a line etc.
This value can be set in the pattern editor of MED to create a gated pattern which varies in length to create a nice effect.

How can I achieve this in Renoise - using note off to achieve this would require a high tick setting and lots of lines per block.
Is there a pattern command for this or something else?

Would this need to be done in the VSTi?

In the volume column or panning column you can insert the command Fx (where x is a number from 0 to F) to cut a note after x ticks. This works for both samples and VSTi.

Lol thanks… Just found it whilst looking in the manual for something else :)

use the DX/0DXX or the delay column in combination with the note off for fade-outs