set the tempo higher than 255 BPM with pattern commands

I make a lot of fast songs with plenty of tempo changes and odd time signatures. It’s annoying that when you set the tempo with pattern commands the maximum amount is 255 BPM (ZTFF). I sometimes want it to be faster and then I have to halve the tempo and use half counts.

for example: I want a 7/4 beat in 280 BPM and have 20 lines per beat (so the pattern would be 140 lines).
The only way I know of doing this is setting the tempo to 140 BPM (ZT8C) and the pattern to 70 lines.

This is not so handy. Is there a better way to work around this? Is it possible to fix this in a next Renoise release? A solution could be to simply add an extra row to the effect commands if needed, so you could for example use a ZT118 command.

Any other thoughts?

simply? :D
why don’t you use tempo automation (new in v2.8), I guess you already, but, it goes to 999 bpm or sth.

Another related and very useful feature would be (yeah i know i mentioned this before) relative tempo changes, ie. add or subtract from current tempo.

Which is what I and somebody else has suggest the ZT00-ZT1F range gets used for, as you can’t set tempos lower than 32 ;)

Oh shit! I was not aware of this feature. Problem solved. Thanks!