Setting Lfo Speed At Higher Rates=?

today i want to set up a slow-to-ultra-fast lfo glide, and im not pleased with the fastest rates available with the native lfo. is there a way to speed it up?
thanks!! :w00t:

Raising the LPB/BPM.

thats indeed a way!

If you use a custom LFO you can also simply draw 2 cycles into the envelope shape, so that a frequency of 1 LPC actually gives twice the speed on output. Or draw 4 cycles to get 4x speed, and so on.

You’ll obviously have to adjust any frequency automation and LFO reset commands in your song, but maybe you’ll find it easier to change those in a few places rather than expanding the LPB for your entire song.

I usually write my songs at 8 LPB or higher for this exact reason, you’ll have twice the resolution for lfos and other effects.