Setting Local FX via Lua API

Hello all! New to renoise and really enjoying it.

I am wondering how to set the local fx of a note column via the Lua API. The documentation covers setting a track’s master fx, but I can’t seem to find how to set local fx. Is this supported?


AFAIK local note column effect can be changed. I think that formatted html documentation that you have linked hasn’t been updated to 3.1? If you look at the API documentation that comes with Renoise 3.1 you have:[].tracks[].lines[].note_columns[].effect_number_value
  -> [int, 0-65535 in the form 0x0000xxyy where xx=effect char 1 and yy=effect char 2]
  -> [string, '00' - 'ZZ'][].tracks[].lines[].note_columns[].effect_amount_value 
  -> [int, 0-255][].tracks[].lines[].note_columns[].effect_amount_string
  -> [string, '00' - 'FF']

That worked! Thank you! Is this considered the up to date documentation?

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That should be okay, of course you are relying on the repository maintainer to update the file(s) (if need be.) Anyway the Renoise 3.1 lua API is currently at version 5 :slight_smile: