Setting Loop'Sample Exact Value

Hi, I would like to manually set the exact value of a loop’s sample by keyboard, but I don’t know how.

Is there a way to do this? Because it’s a little pain to set it by moving the bar with the mouse if I already know the exact value as said above.

If it’s not possible by default, you could easily script it.[].samples[].loop_mode, _observable  
 -> [enum = LOOP_MODE][].samples[].loop_start, _observable  
 -> [number, 1 - num_sample_frames][].samples[].loop_end, _observable  
 -> [number, 1 - num_sample_frames]  

For example, to manipulate the start point of Inst 02, Sample 00, type the following into the Terminal:[3].samples[1].loop_start = 300  

Replace 300 with your desired value.

Or, the shorter version: = 300  

a bit intricate anyway.

Thanks :)