Setting The Basenote

I’d like to make my base note to be c-3 instead of c-4.

So instead of pressing z on my keyborad and showing c-4 on the pattern editor I’d like it to show c-3.

Is that possible? How?


Definitely possible…do it all the time. ;)

Click on the left and right arrows next to “Octave” (which is on your main panel, underneath the transport controls and the “Keyjazz” and “Rec Note Delays”) to adjust. Or, use the / and * keys on your numpad as the shortcuts to push the octave up and down.

Nice Rounser,

ur the man!

One more piece of the puzzle into place! :P

No worries mon… :P

The “octave” setting also affects MIDI keyboard input, which can be handy too.

yes, though this should be an option accordign to me