Setting up drumsets with the sampler

Maybe someone can help, I just don’t get it.

I layer for instance 4 snares. Each gets its own modulation set since each needs a different panning. I set the loudness levels of the snares relative to each other and move on to the next drum. Later when all drums of the drumset are set up I need to set the level of ALL the layered snares to e.g. ALL the layered kicks. How do I do this without destroying the relative volumes? There is no sample groups, I cannot route all snares to a fx group for the group volume since this will tie the whole drumset to a single track, so what do I do? What am I supposed to do? What did taktik have in mind? Clearly the devs had also drum sounds in mind when creating the new instrument structure. So what is the official way to do this in Renoise?

I’m going crazy over the workflow of the sampler. I cannot even figure out the most basic things…

If each snare only needs a static panning offset/value (or static volume adjustment, or whatever), then you could do this via the individual sample properties, rather than using a unique modulation set for each sample.

Then you could simply group all snares into the same modulation set and apply your overall volume changes quite easily.

Depends on exactly what you need to do to each sample, of course.

Yes, that is exactly the problem with the sampler. Well summarised. There is no overall concept. No proper hierarchy. No general solution. It is very difficult to develop a workflow like this.

But more generally, suppose I do need modulations on each sample. What now? How is sample grouping supposed to work in general?

See, if the solution for a simple thing like changing overall volume depends on the situation this requires a lot of planning. If I during my creative process decide to change something, I might need to shuffle everything around to just set the volume in a different way. Setting up interments is already a pain and I certainly don’t want to start from scratch because I initially decided to pick the wrong way to set a drum volume.

Continuing with the example you gave above… If you did need unique panning modulations on each snare, and you also needed to control the overall volume of all snares grouped together, then you could assign a macro parameter to a volume operand within each snare modulation.

For example:
4895 dblue-snare-macro-volume-example.xrns

Each snare sample has its own unique modulation set with different volume and panning values, and the overall volume level of all snares is being controlled by a macro.

Thanks for giving this detailed example dblue, I appreciate that!
However, this, again, is a not a general solution, but a very specific one. If I have more than 8 drums this will not work anymore, or even, if I have more than 4 and need to set volume and pan for all of them.

It really seems to me that the instrument format is just not made with drumsets in mind. At least not for drumsets that go beyond the 3 drums needed for some Techno stuff. But yeah, since R3 just went gold surprisingly, I sadly guess there is no point in discussing this any longer…