Setting Up The Access Virus C


I’m trying to get my Access Virus C to work with Renoise, but so far I’ve had no luck.

I got it to work with FLStudio 10 by having FL ‘listen’ to a specific MIDI port (port 5) and having the Virus send its data to that same port.

The thing is, I can’t find where to choose a MIDI port in Renoise.

What am I doing wrong/where should I be looking?

Thanks in advance.

Well the Virus C is MIDI only and you nowhere mention you MIDI Interface but as you have it working with FLoops you must have one and have it working…

So hopefully this page of the Preferences will help:

Have you set up your MIDI interface there?

I have it set up, yes.

My interface is a UA-25 EX if it matters.

What precisely are you trying to do? I assume you know the menus of the Virus and its operation well.

Have you set up a MIDI Instrument? (Assuming you want it to make sounds and not recording into Renoise/using it as a controller.)

Yeah sorry, I realise I should’ve been a bit more precise about what I mean.

I have done all you mentioned. The thing I’m trying to do is get the Virus to make sound, yes.

Since the Virus itself doesn’t output MIDI (it’s a keyless version) I have to use my MIDI keyboard to play it. The MIDI keyboard shows up, and I can get that to work, but I need to find a way to let the Virus know it should ‘listen’ to the MIDI data it’s being given by my keyboard. In FLstudio 10 this is done easily, using a specific MIDI port.

It has knobs, they transmit MIDI!

MIDI Port would usually refer to what is being called a Device in Renoise. But I don’t think this is what you mean and sounds more like you mean MIDI Channel…

And what is connected to what and how? Trying to get arrangements that work with both recording and playback can be problematic with certain hardware…

What are your physical connections that work with FLoops?

Can you play the Virus with just it and the keyboard with no problems?

Can you get sounds out of the Virus with Renoise and programming the notes for the instrument by hand?

If you can answer Yes to both of those:

Does your keyboard have an In, Out and Thru? Do you need to play sounds from it to?

If the answer to those is Yes/No then hopefully I can test with the kit I have at home. Can’t think how to solve it if your keyboard only has an Out though. Not without the use of a MIDI Merge box anyway…

I’ve personally never tried a MIDI keyboard going into Renoise and then going back out to an external synth, but, hopefully the following set up will work for you.

3336 renoise-midi-in-midi-out.png

(Ignore the particular Device names here. This is just what I happen to have on my system to use as an example)

  • Go to the Instrument Settings panel and expand the MIDI Input section.
  • Assign the Device to your MIDI keyboard.
  • You can leave Channel set to ‘Any’ (unless you have some kind of fancy keyboard split, and you only want it to respond to a certain range, in which case choose the appropriate Channel).
  • Open the Ext. MIDI section and assign Device to your UA-25 EX (or whichever interface the Virus C is connected to).
  • Set the Channel to 5 (or whatever the Virus C is set to respond to).

You should hopefully now be able to play your MIDI keyboard through Renoise and have it trigger the Virus C.

I’ve already tried what you’re showing there dblue (just tried it again just to be sure), but I’m afraid that ‘channel’ is something completely different than ‘port’.

I’m not the best at explaining these type of things (definitely not over the internet and in another language), but here’s how I have it setup in FLStudio:

The ‘MIDI-out’ plugin, or something similar, is basically what I seem to be missing in Renoise.

Hopefully this’ll give you an idea of what’s going on.

Thanks for the help so far guys :)

Hmm, I just realised, I obviously need to select an audio input somewhere, because the Virus is going into L and R inputs on my Audio/MIDI interface. Right now I only have the MIDI keyboard selected as input.
In FL you can select the audio input to go into a mixer track. How is this handled in Renoise?

Can’t see the image, unfortunately. It says you have exceeded your bandwidth.

Sending MIDI to external gear is handled by the Instrument’s Ext. MIDI section, as mentioned above. Once you have an instrument set up to broadcast MIDI to your external gear, you can further control it (MIDI CC, Pitch Bend, etc) via the Instr. MIDI Control device which you can add to the Track DSPs.

You can route audio back into Renoise with a Line Input device: Routing Devices - Renoise User Manual

Yess! That was it!

That was all that was missing. As soon as I added the Line Input device, I could play and hear(!) my Virus C.

Thanks so much dblue!

You too Kazakore. :)