Settings in Airwindows Consolidate get reset after opening project

Hi guys,

When using Airwindows Consolidate I found that when I save a project with the plugin and reopen the project, the settings get reinitialized when playing an instrument on the channel with the plugin. I was hoping this was a bug in the plugin, but I tested this in Reaper where it works fine. I use the VST3 version, and am on Renoise 3.4.4, W10 x64.
You can download the plugin (free) here:

Airwindows Consolidate

Many thanks if you could look into this, or could indicate whether this is a bug in the plugin or Renoise!

edit nevermind

I think it has something to do with programme changes, perhaps @baconpaul can shed some light on this.

This only seems to happen when changing the program (preset) in the Aiwindows GUI and not in Renoise. Then the active program gets stuck at the previous one. This also seems to happen in other hosts (e.g. Reaper).

To replicate:

  • Load Airwindows Consolidated VST3 into Renoise or Reaper
  • Open its GUI
  • Change the active program from the DAW: plugin picks that up and changes the program too
  • Now change the active program again from the Plugin UI: the active program in the host won’t change and is stuck on the previously selected one.

Another related issue:

  • The program displayed in the DAW only matches the one from the plugin when “Filter By Collention” → “All” is enabled.

I’ve tested this on Windows with the VST3 version only.

We’re restoring the active program as part of the loading process, before applying the plugin’s chunk data. Maybe something is getting out of sync here then, because the active program does not match.

Thanks for looking into this Taktik.
For me the main culprit is that the settings in the preset itself get reset after reloading the song and playing an instrument on that channel, I didn’t realize yet the programme change behaviour in the GUI and host wasn’t catching up as well.

The reset from gui doesn’t reset program change was my bug indeed. It’s fixed

those send the notifications which should keep the list in sync

That said, VST3 programs are a mess and reaper doesn’t always seem to keep up its UI. I put debugs in my getCurrentProgram and reaper is calling it and getting a new result, but isn’t actually changing its ui all the time.

But you shouldn’t be using any of this for state management anyway right? I’m not sure why renoise would care about the edge preset advertised. And calling set edge preset before restore chunk seems like an odd choice. The edge preset will be in the chunk.

(The vst3 edge presets have been so unreliable for me that I almost shipped without them turned on. I may still just turn them off in the build altogether and not allow the daw to do the effect switching since it seems very bug prone).

oh the other issue that the edge list is the full list and the filtered list is filtered is not a bug. the filter is a ui construct not a capability construct.

Hmm something does seem wrong with state management now i’ve added those calls though. Let me look

Thanks for checking. Let me know if I can help with something here or if something unexpected happens in the plugin which is caused by Renoise.

Yes, indeed. Which is also the reason why most plugins no longer even try to expose them, which is a pity…

Yes I just turned them off since they caused bugs across daws.

so now if you download the new version, the state management should be fine and there’s no more presets. What ended up happening is when I fixed reaper (and presumably renoise) it broke logic! So I just turned the whole shebang off for now and opened an issue to investigate when i have more time across 5 or 6 daws.

So latest should work fine but require you to drive the UI for effect changes

@baconpaul and @taktik many thanks for investigating and solving this so quickly!! The presets are now maintaining their values when opening a project and playing.

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