setup touchosc with renoise

I want to use touchosc as a midi keyboard on my iPad but I am not sure how to do that. So far I downloaded duplex and enabled server under osc in renoise settings.

you need to be on same network with pc and ipad, (home wifi router for example), and to recieve midi data you need activate oscbridge midi input in renoise preferences

here is free version of OSCbridge for windows (tested myself)
here osc bridge for MAC (probably working also)

I got the touchosc on the same network. Whenever I choose the network session as my input device under the midi tab in renoise, it flashes the green square located at top right corner indicating midi activity. At this point I tried mapping common buttons in renoise such as play/stop, however I don’t know how to setup the keyboard and was hoping that touchosc would already have all the buttons mapped out. I can choose touchosc bridge as midi device and map the buttons like I did before.

You can download TouchOSC Bridge directly for the author from this page:

(Not a fan of the 3rd-party download sites because there’s the risk they will inject spamware into the installer.)

Hm, yes for some reason, Duplex hasn’t got a proper TouchOSC keyboard configuration.
It’s absolutely possible, the “iPhone keyboard” is working but very clumsy-feeling with those big keys on an iPad.

However, next version of Duplex should contain a configuration for this particular layout

The download at discoDSP contains a MIDI version too, so you can use this great template straight away…

Thanks, I got it up and running. I do have latency issues with it though, any tips for fixing that?

Yes, you’re bound to have some degree of latency when dealing with wireless devices.
But perhaps it’s worth investigating setting up a so-called “ad-hoc” network?

There is a pretty good rundown of the various techniques on CDM: