several Audio And Midi Setup improvements

Yes, MIDI -> Instrument routing option is simply essential. To allow two different external controllers to control their own sounds is sorely missed. But filtering by channel should be possible too, so we can use just a single master keyboard to switch between sounds (many keyboards even support keyboard zones/splits, each assigned to a different channel, so the lower keys might control a bass sound, while the higher parts are playing a lead synth)

Also, the ability to decide, on top of this MIDI -> Instrument routing, which track that gets to receive & record notes. Again, using a master keyboard as example: output the bass sounds in the bass track and lead sounds in the lead track, simple as that.
But we should think carefully about how others do this…it’s reminiscent of “arm for record”, which isn’t exactly a staple feature for trackers. And some switch hidden inside Preferences -> MIDI might be too difficult to locate. or just not practical?


Internal MIDI output/port routing, so a MIDI VSTplugin can control hardware synths.

My new plugin, work in progress, can’t be used in Renoise sadly:

KVR topic:


Image to illustrate:

Vote for this and all it-alien suggestions.

I got in to Bidule yesterday and seriously consider buying it, now I can sequence any HW and plugin straight from Maschine.
Downside is to leave Renoise almost unused since you can only rewire 1 software to Logic. :(

aksn: I know little about Rewire, but I know Bidule can be loaded inside Renoise as a VST. Couldn’t this allow you to still use Renoise?

so want all of this. +1.

Ah, that might do it, Im still running trial version which doesn’t run as plugin.
It seems that Bidule can bypass midiout from plugin limitation in Logic and Renoise by being able to send midi straight to physical midiports and IAC driver. That is by now flexible and much cheaper than buying Kore 2 to do this workaround.