Several Questions

Here are some questions:

1 - If I load stereo sample, how can I convert it to Mono in sample editor?

2 - In OctaMED Sound Studio there was superB shortcut - CTRL+SHIFT+O or I [if I remember correctly] that is used to generate between command line numbers between two values, like in this example:

On position 00 I type 0C00 - for volume 00.
On position 16 I type 0C16 - for volume 16.

Then hit keyboard shortcut when cursor is positioned somewhere between those two values in command track AND got this:

00 0C00
01 0C01
02 0C02
03 0C03
04 0C04
05 0C05

14 0C14
15 0C15
16 0C16

Program calculated inbetween commands so it saved you typing.

Digibooster had similar but it didnt calculate this, but on shortcut it start putting numbers ascending or descending, but it wasnt that useful as in OctaMED’s.

3 - Is there possibility to FLIP notes in selected part? It means, to be played backward?

4 - more will come :)

p.s. Amazing software!!! Already start creating something interesting… a BreakBeat PSY trance… didn`t hear someone created similar :)

thanx! I actually find it after I post a question. working great! :)

more questions to come tomorrow. will have to sleep now :))

3 - select a group of notes, then
Advanced edit => flip

Also check out the keyboard shortcuts for these. For example…

…from the tutorial

Thanx! I also found Stereo to Mono icon in Sampler! Finally :) I said “finally” because searching MONO word in PDF manual - didn`t show me what I wanted :)

One idea:

  • Would be nice if SHIFT+KEYs in sampler youll be able to play sample from cursor. [couldnt find shortcut key for that option?]

just trying to do what this guy is doing rather than entereing a million offsets…i just want to highlight a selection of ofset values and interpolate exponentially or logarhythmically

how can i do this?

i try highlighting the effects column and clicking interolate etc but to no joy

what do i need to be highlighting…blocking etc?

for instance,

put 0900 at the top, 09ff at the bottom of the track and select the row completely like this then hit CRTL+I (interpolate linear) or CTRL+L (interpolate logarithmic).