Sewen + Sagosen =

am the…

Sewen did first half, voicebox-style. Then,
Sagosen did next half electro-style.

Enjoy! :D

RNS (no VST)

Hehe. This was cool.

This one makes me proud to be a Norwegian ;)

There should be more fun tracks like this

Thanx. :P

Well, there’s always tissemann?


tried to download yesterday: 0,5k/s …
tried to download a few minutes ago: 1,1k/s, transfer stopped after 5 minutes telling me the server was unreachable… :(

Hum, I’ve got this on my PC, and have been running dc++ like hell some times… Found out that it messed up the upspeed from my comp, so I’ve got it turned off mostly now.

In two words: Try Again. :)

I’m getting a "document contains no data"alert. :(

sagosen, you really need some decent webspace!
the FTP performance you’re getting from your private machine is incredibly shitty, to say the least ;)
it’s still 0.5-0.7k/s and i know the file won’t make it through entirely, because it will stall somewhen during the process.
this way you’re scaring away your fellow customers =)

Hrm… I blame it on my, er, system! Yeah, that’s it. System. This is me going f****it and uploading somewhere else:

RNS (still without VSTi)

Working now??? :unsure:

This shits awsome man! Definitely got my head nodding. I love the melodies and percussive elements of both parts! 9/10

Reminds me of something like this

ahh downloading finally works like charm :)

interesting tune… and vocals :ph34r:
gj ;)

Yeah, that server is KINDA more stable… hehe

Sweet that y’all like it! Sewen will be pleased when he comes back from his studio-sessions! I uploaded a new, slightly tweaked MP3 with more variations in the percussion in both parts btw. For those interested. Only problem I had was with that blippy-sound, it took up WAY too much room! Think it’s ok now, but I gotta experiment with compressing more…

hehe:D dont listen to this song guys! it will hunt you down when you sleep!!

‘i am your … robot computer’ :unsure:

nice second part sago! din tur kristian;) anyways, rick dangerous are releasing Ep soon… as soon as its mastered. and its going to be great! weee:)

Put it up for sale here, man. :) And I want a signed copy! :P

interesting one :), very original too, funny & funky :)

the sounds where choosen well, all stick together pretty good, one thing i thought of is why not completely robotize the “robot computer” thing ?.. coz it’s still too human :)

heh go sort ;) (norsk ja)

You should hear my fartbox tune.

really like your voice, Sewen. Though you didn’t sing much in ‘Robot Computer’ but still…had to say it. And it’s nice to hear that you guys did such a compo over there ;)

Sounds weird (in a positive way…)

:huh: :lol: :rolleyes:

Now, that’s up to YOU to remix, innit? :P

And, well, the RNS is available for everybody, why not go ahead? Robotize, minimize, rape, pillage and destroy or even enhance if you will!

We’ve done our share of work in this tune, only thing I’d maybe want different is a re-recording of the vocals as they are done on a way too crappy mic. Ah well, it’s part of the charm… :rolleyes:

parsec, I have 5 more posts than you right now!!! :D