Sf2 File Import

Dear devs, could you please add support for SF2 files? Please, please, please :P

Check out SFX… it’s a free VST that does the job nicely.

what if you are on Linux? :)


Have you tried LMMS?

Or FluidSynth??

I haven’t tried any of them, so let me know how that works out. :P

RGC:audio’s SFZ does the job nicely as well.

thanks for tips! I will look at it as soon as possible (which means a week later from now) :)

How hard would it be for Renoise to be able to import these and convert it to it’s own format? I’m not familiar with the sf2 format, but it has a velocity layer, right? :(

If you want this really bad there is a commercial solution that will convert many formats to xrni format: Extreme Sample Converter

LINK please :D