sf2 import

i just checked a lot of vst samplers, and that’s totally pain, i have not found any proper sf2 support. and it’s also pain to convert sf2 banks to wav’s and then load all of them to instrument and tune them… the only proper sf2 converter i know is Awave Studio. but i’d like to import sf2 files right in renoise.

There was a discussion on this before.
If the Renoise instrument is not ‘more sophisticated’; how can you import something like SF2 in Renoise? What we need is a better Renoise ins that can allow for importing SF2 without losing information.

yeh, that’s right. for the start we could have some import with limitation, in future, it could be cool to see almost 100% sf2 import. i remember there was also suggestion about new instument editor and stuff, i think that new instrument conception could help a lot in general i guess.