sfz in linux/native renoise


Have the feeling I’ve asked before but searched (both forum and my brain) and found nothing. So:

Is there a way to work with sfz in renoise under linux?

Tried highlife, no sound, compiled linuxsampler, but it asks me to load a config (xml) that I don’t know how to setup.

Any help appreciated!

I don’t know what file linuxsampler was asking you to load but I use linuxsampler. It should install plugins, so use DSSI or VST, load the SFZ files from qsampler or another linuxsampler frontend. You could also use Carla-git, it also comes with plugins and can act as an all in one front end for linuxsampler.

Ok, id rather not have to run external software (qsampler) each time i load a song. But are you saying loading in qsampler is only a one time thing, and next time the song is loaded linux sampler remembers what to load?

Yeah it works for me. I expect you can manage it from the command line but I’ve never tried.

I recommend using https://github.com/falkTX/Carla for sfz. It can be run as a vst inside of renoise which makes it quite easy to use.

Thanks, sounds like what I’m looking for. I’m AFK but will try it out as soon as I get home!


There’s a brilliant tool by mxb that allows you to import sfz in Renoise.


Note that the tool is not updated for 3.0, so you would have to have 2.8 installed (and no, this tool won’t work if automatically converted/upgraded). However, the resulting instruments can be loaded into 3.0 just fine.

Ok, but we still don’t have sustain pedal on native instruments, right? Me wanna play pno…

sustain pedal

Depends on how you would expect it to work?

If the pedal is sending CC messages with a value of 0, 127 (or somewhere in between) then you can assign this to a macro that is controlling the release of an ADHSR modulationdevice.

Using this approach, if notes are already sounded once the “sustain” is activated, they should be affected too. And if you release the pedal, but keys are still held, the notes should continue to play. So, pretty close to the real thing?

Also: https://forum.renoise.com/t/how-do-i-make-the-sustain-pedal-affect-samples/42099


Will check it out when I get home…

Few things @danoise:

  1. The modulating release trick is not working correctly, it’s “monophonic” meaning that when I play the second note with the first still in the pedal the first is lost.

  2. The sfz I want to play doesn’t load in 2.8.2 with additional-file-format-import-support (why don’t people upgrade their tools to latest version of renoise???), becaust it contains too many samples…

I recommend using https://github.com/falkTX/Carla for sfz. It can be run as a vst inside of renoise which makes it quite easy to use.

I have it kinda working now, a few glitches (posted on linux-audio-user), mainly 1) pedal not working on sfz and 2) unstable load of windows vsts (mostly tried synth1).