Sustain Pedal with 3.0

I know that there are some here who have wanted to use their sustain pedals with xrni’s in the past, and we can finally do this with 3.0! it’s not as simple as it could be though, so I thought I’d make a little post on it.

First, add an ahdsr to volume in the ‘modulation’ section. Next go to “Options -> Midi Mapping,” select the release of the envelope (it should be in red) and then press down on your pedal to assign the midi value. Adjust the maximum for the length of your sustain and you should set the minimum to be ~2ms to avoid ‘popping.’

voila! Sustain pedal activated. :yeah:


…though the sustain pedal no longer works with plugins when using the midi device mapped per instrument. (it used to in 2.8) It still works fine with the MIDI device(s) selected in the prefs window, but not with the ones selected in the instrument’s midi settings.

This is a module that’s well suited for piano, had to work out a few bugs but I think it’s good for now.