SFZ / Keyzone add / replace option for loading

Hi, this is one of my old request.

I love to load bundle content from keyzone tab but i would assume that i can layer these “sample kits” via option add/replace.
Because one layer is not enough usually. There is no way how to layer square and saw waves for example.

There is XRNI merger from Danoise but it doesnt work with Renoise 3.1 and some native, faster solution would be very handy. Sometimes I miss this function.

But i understand that there are situations when “add mode” would be very annoying so i came up with this.
Multisamples are sfz that can be viewed by renoise file explorer.
So when i grab any sfz into Samples list some popup with option "replace / add"will appear

Right now i cant even drag SFZ, just open it by doubleclick and it will replace all samples in instrument.