SFZ - XRNI? or any Soundfont Support Extensions?

Is anybody here developing soundfont support or Sountfont - XRNI tools in renoise?

I see that some users have tried sf2 support, but a lot of my library consists of sfz files.

I could use a vst soundfont player but I really want everything to be native and my VST directories in linux are being all pissy.

And while we are here, let’s talk about your experiences with soundfont formats. Do you love em, do you hate them? Are you in a committed relationship with your fellow sf?

Redux can use SFZ and apparently the forthcoming version of renoise will be able to too.

this is exciting. it would be nice if renoise can include a full GM soundfont library in their bundled instrument/samples one day…and also the option for when you open midi files, it’ll use the bundled GM soundfonts instead of whatever your card or os has.

For sf2->2.8 xrni there is an sound font converter command line tool available. So I would say, convert to a 2.8 instrument, load it into renoise 3.01, upgrade the instruments in the instruments view. I never tried this myself, so if you do, please report here your experiences!

Command-line tool sf2->2.8 xrni (Windows only):https://github.com/atsushieno/sf2xrni

I’ve been using Plogue’s Sforzando whilst waiting for Renoise 3.1 (or whatever # we’re up to), but I absolutely love Sfz,sf2 stuff - all relates to why I love the SNES and GBA.


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