I’m using sfz to play soundfonts. In general it works fine. However, there’s a soundfont I’m using that presents the following problem: I’m using one instrument which plays in one single channel. I used three columns from the channel. The insturment plays in the three columns all the time. For some reason, some of the notes from the first and second columns don’t sound. It’s as if the VSTi weren’t capable of playing three notes at a time all the time. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks. But I don’t think anything in that thread can help me. Maybe I could try assigning each instance to a MIDI channel, but I doubt it works. If I test it alone, it doesn’t work well either. And it has happened with one instrument only. I’ll try anyway.

I’m using version 1.28. I haven’t registered yet, because I’m just making my first arms with it. I’ve set polyphony alright. The problem is very strance. It depends on what I play. If I play something that uses notes on every two rows, all note sound. If I play it different, it doesn’t.

Another question: how are MIDI channels handled? It seems to me that each VSTi has its own channels, right?


I know about VSTi’s being in one single channel. That’s why I used many columns in the same channel to play it. I was referring to MIDI channel. Does it matter if I have many VSTi’s using the same MIDI channel, or each VSTi has 16 MIDI channels of its own?

I guess if you use aliases you have to set up each on its own MIDI channel. If they are different instances it shouldn’t matter… they can have the same channels without interfering.

They are different instances indeed. Only that I play several notes in the same channel with the same instances. In general, it works well. But for some reason, in a particular case, it doesn’t.

He, he. Sorry. I meant track. All notes are in different columsn within the same track. This is a feature I didn’t know of Renoise, and now that I know it I use it extensively. Besides, it’s not all the notes that get cut. Just some notes. And always the same ones.