Shaper Album Out At Last

ok after 3 years of hard work, our album is finally out!
It has been entirely written on renoise, some of the tracks were started on build 1.0 and grew with the program ;)

u can check it out / get it here :



btw, you should finish your shop, you are still missing pages like :

(or the abort page)

can I move a little critique?

I think that the price could have been lower.

two days ago I’ve bought a selfmade CD made by a jazz rock band of 7 guys, and payed it 5 Euros from their hands, comprised of SIAE label (legal italian tax for editors).

Ok, I understand that it was an extremely low cost, but in Italy 19 euros is even more than the majority of mainstream albums price.

pretty cood breakbeat indeed :yeah:

some prodigy influence?

yes, sounds like a “liam howlett mid’90ies style” resurrection.
but definately well executed as far as i can tell - nice stuff =)

it’s 17+2 of shipping, so it’s 19 euros, as I said

if it’s variable, I think that people from USA could even pay it more

17 EUR are pretty high indeed - especially if you compare it to the usual CD prices on the German marked. Average CD costs about 13 EUR over here.

This does not affect my order though.

huh… thats maybe because i dont buy the mainstream shit. To be honest, i seldomly pay more than 15 EUR for a CD.

I would compare the prices to amazon.[com|de|whatever]

indeed it’s what I was trying to say: mainstream music always costs more than “alternative”, which is what I think you target at