Share your Baseline / Bass best practices

Hey guys, let me know your insights on how to create the perfect baseline! Currently I am trying to get into trap a bit more but dont hesitate posting your tips for other genres like dnb/jungle or dubstep

  1. Learn music theory, about scales and harmonic intervals.
  2. Learn to play the bass.
  3. Learn about (synthesized) sound design and modulation and effects you can use.
  4. Listen to (a lot of) good bass lines in music and discover the used techniques and schemes.
  5. Try to recreate or encorporate these techniques and schemes in creating your own bass lines.

i wasnt talking about melody, more like how you apply your saturation and what methods you use to synthesize the bassline

Since there hasn’t been any response yet;
Make sure to split your sound into frequency ranges, i.e. sub, low bass, mid bass, top bass. The frequencies depend on the root note of the composition.
Keep the sub as a clean sine wave (mono,no panning, no compression), no effects except for maybe some soft EQ to balance out the frequencies and cut anything beneath your root note freq. Low bass gives some body, I’d keep this pretty clean and centered (!) too. Mid bass is where I usually have my processing, usually a combination of EQ, Saturation, Stereo processing, compression and sometimes distortion. Finally, the top portion is used for wideness and fattening up of the bass line.
For trap especially, focus on getting a fat 808 sound and split the frequencies, saturate the top parts while keeping the low frequencies clean.