Share Your Most Useful Doofers

Do a lot of us make our own Doofers?

Some of my favorite Renoise tools are Doofers made by others, like

  • Spatialize (a gorgeous reverb)
  • DJ Filter (nice simple cutoff and resonance filter)

I’ve been getting in the habit of saving some useful strings of effects, knowing that I’ll likely use them on later tracks. Usually, these are just simple combos like:

  • LFO+Gainer (with some interesting useful custom curves saved)
  • LFO+Filter (same)
  • KAOSS Pad – An XYPad+DJ Filter for tactile control of filtering

I think it’d be interesting to hear about the strings of effects you use so often that you’d make them into Doofers.

It’d be cool to start nominating useful Doofers to be bundled into the core Renoise download to give newbies a larger set of commonly-used tools to start with.

What do your Doofers doofer you?

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I hav made some good ones myself & also did upload them in here - BUT I stoped this because I was SemiBANNED by some very funny Gys who flagged like 100 of my Posts AND Since then I Still CANNOT UPLOAD MY NEW DOOFERZZ!! Nochmall vielen lieben Dank dafür & fröhliche Weinachten.:hugs::thinking:
So This are my old still useful ONES:

short description:

  • WOWzzr = Wow // AMTrzz = Depth
  • FLUTTr = Flutter // AMTrtt = Depth
  • Hidden Menue = HP // LP - Filters

hope someone is having fun with with simple but effectiv tool. :hugs:

[FLUTTrMANN.xrdp ](https: //forum. renoise. com/uploads/default/original/2X/7/76a8f312e363612295a95d028b9be630e9a8de56.xrdp) (5.2 KB)

FLUTTrMANN (means Wow&Flutter in german)

Strip-o-mat was moddelled after a discount plugin which i buyed cheap online and what didnt seem to special at all. It is pretty decent after I tried to recreate this in Renoise it turned out the limititations of renoise/doofer too.

Here the description of the idea-giver:

Space Strip is a multi-effect plugin featuring 6 modules: Contour, Vibe, Slapback, Ambience, Ensemble, and Stereo. The modules can be arranged in any combination by simple drag-n-drop. Space Strip will add depth and space to your sounds, especially synth and keyboards. The plugin is optimised to be lightweight on the CPU._

Here my new (simple vers.) Doofer:
[#STRiP-O-MAT.xrdp ](https:// forum. renoise .com/uploads/default/original/2X/8/80439e53e02011700b4a34eb945399cc217f808b.xrdp) (10.0 KB)

Also STRiPPED down to only 5 (makes more sense ins.Renoise) MODULS:

  • ViBE , stereo vibrato
  • SLAPi , short echo module
  • AMBi , short reverb module
  • ENSi , multi-voices chorus//flanger
  • STERi , stereo manipulation

Its a simple Noizeshaper moddeled // inspired // named after another plugin in from berlin. I found it usefull as it worked out inside Renoise because it adds some LoFi to digital cold sounding synths or clean drums in a good and simple way. It somehow sculptures the Noize around the sound, very similar to the Noize Arcade Plugin.
So happy easter from me! :space_invader:


BiTZ - Bitdepth
FREKZ - Samplerate
WETT - Wet Mix / Noise
DRYY - Dry Mix / Signal
ATTAKK - Attack / Noise “Attack”
DKAYY - Decay / Noise “Release”
NOiZ - Amount / Noise (L=Max/R=Min) “Sensitivity”
“Hidden Menue” - “Signal Follower”
Scaling = Curve
LP Filter - Input Signal
HP Filter - Input Signal
L R / L+R - Input Signal
Lookahead - 0.000 ms
“Hidden Menue” - “LofiMat”
Smooth (Button) “Color”


[DNOiZr.xrdp ](https:/ /forum .renoise .com/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f46a436963de113c68aeaba9f7b9ec4e28b2f42d.xrdp) (5.9 KB)

My Girlfriend was checkin out my Doofer skillz and wanted to know what they do. She did like the Flattermann Wobbler & the Dirtydelay one but also said it was like they are way too complicated and kind of hard to figure out. So I decided to make a simple OOne Knob - Doofer for easy use and direct mangling gestures. It was the most complex Doofer for me until now - so I refused to show her the MAGiC happening inside the box :sunglasses: She already loves this:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

MAGGGi (german word for Magic or secret sauce) Yummm

Use the Magic Knob and be excited by the Love:heart_eyes:
Würzr = Wet signal // Suppr = Direct signal
Everything else is pure Magic!

ps in MAGGGi liegt die Würze.
[MAGGGi.xrdp ](https: //forum .r enoise. com/u ploads/default/original/2X/1/1b95f1ab9e203d61326b60884ed169298e669354.xrdp) (8.2 KB)

My 3RD Doofy Doofer guys - hope you can use it in your track to add some xtra GRiT!


DiRTiLAY.xrdp (6.8 KB)


DELAy - Delay Time
FDBCk - Delay Feedback

DiRT - Noise Amount
TONi - Tone Control
BiTZ - Bits Depth

AMTDELAy - Delay Send
WEttDiRT - Wet Mix Noise
DRyDiRT - Dry Mix Source

Hidden Menue:

Delay - L/R Panning = Ping Pong
LoFi - “Smooth” = Tone Color

Pro Tip = Put DNOiZr > FLUTTrMANN > DiRTiLAY on every channle and have some fun!!

Hope Yu like themm - Let me know if you need some help or more information on them. Also just cant post 2 Links as I just relized. Maybe I should just leave here, if not Welcome and do my own stuff only.