Share Your Most Useful Doofers

Do a lot of us make our own Doofers?

Some of my favorite Renoise tools are Doofers made by others, like

  • Spatialize (a gorgeous reverb)
  • DJ Filter (nice simple cutoff and resonance filter)

I’ve been getting in the habit of saving some useful strings of effects, knowing that I’ll likely use them on later tracks. Usually, these are just simple combos like:

  • LFO+Gainer (with some interesting useful custom curves saved)
  • LFO+Filter (same)
  • KAOSS Pad – An XYPad+DJ Filter for tactile control of filtering

I think it’d be interesting to hear about the strings of effects you use so often that you’d make them into Doofers.

It’d be cool to start nominating useful Doofers to be bundled into the core Renoise download to give newbies a larger set of commonly-used tools to start with.

What do your Doofers doofer you?


Where can I find this?

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Itzz in Doofer //content libery.bundle"Spatialized"

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